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Marketing and sales are a backbone in the real estate industry today. Without the two - and incorporating both traditional and digital media - it’s impossible to formulate a business plan that will succeed in today’s market.

At Amura, we don’t just play the role of an agency - we also help you plan your business goals for different projects, improve marketing and sales efficiency, streamline your sales processes and boost your revenue.

And we’ve got 7+ years’ of real estate experience that give us the edge!

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Why do project launches fail?

The right product, right pricing and the right media mix are essential for successful sales. Over our 7 years of experience in marketing for the real estate industry, we’ve seen it all - we know what works and what doesn’t.

We’ll help you plan just the right project (because we know what your customers want) and
we’ll help you take it to the market with the right pricing, right marketing platforms and a well-prepared sales team.

Furthermore, our marketing & sales processes are all RERA-compliant,
so you can rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands.
Royal Purandar

We revamped operational processes, brought in Sell.Do to manage processes, streamlined pre-sales & sales processes and took care of all the branding, marketing and sales activities.

Amura's integrated go-to-market strategy drives conversion rate by 10x with an aim to transform Royal Purandar from a 'no brand to a known brand'.


Every marketer will talk about property portals, social media platforms, etc. We’ve been there, done that - we know what works and what doesn’t and today, we go beyond these basics to excel at getting you better quality leads at a lower cost.

Our advertising platform with self-learning algorithms will run and optimise your advertising campaigns across all the platforms. Not to forget our team with unmatched experience, constantly applying their domain knowledge and expertise for successful outcomes.

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Digital marketing isn’t all about creating websites (although we do that very well too).

At Amura, real estate advertising is a multi-faceted term - from offline marketing and brand promotion to marketing collateral creation, content marketing, social media marketing and more.

Successful social media is not just about getting more likes and shares. We build engagement, create a positive sentiment and earn loyalty toward your brand on all social media platforms. Our social media team conceptualises, strategizes and executes paid and organic campaigns that will highlight your brand, your projects and the lifestyle they represent.

We also prioritise Online Reputation Management, in co-operation with your team - a proactive measure to solve problems customers are facing before they get highlighted on social media. As a result, your reputation is protected both online and offline.

Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team will keep your brand and projects at the top of Search Engine Results Pages and ensure you enjoy a positive sentiment amongst forums, property discussion portals and more.

The creative department at Amura takes care of both online as well as offline creatives. Whether you want to revamp your website, or create a new brochure, hoarding or radio jingle - we’ve got you covered!

Take a look at the humourous video series we created for IRFS 2016 with actor Sharman Joshi as The Brand Ambassador!

The sheer scope of what we can do for your brand is more than we can list here - but we’d be happy to take you through all our services!


Offline marketing (in terms of hoardings, radio advertisements, etc.) plays quite a big role in brand awareness for real estate.

At Amura, we take care of all the offline creatives and collaterals as well, ensuring they’re in sync with your brand communication and digital strategy. We also take care of media buying for hoardings, radio spots and more - thus executing a complete 360° marketing campaign. Some of our recent successful offline campaigns include the Milind Soman series of hoardings for Royal Purandar (shown below) as well as the radio jingle for Estatemint.

Radio Jingle For IRFS 2016

Jingle For Estatemint

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Whether you’re a new brand growing and struggling to compete with the long-established ones; or whether you’re a well-established brand looking to innovate and set market trends - we have the solution for you.

Branding, growth and sales all depend on you using the perfect balance between digital and traditional media and making it a part of your business’ DNA.

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Set a sales goal with us, and take off on holiday.

We’ll take care of achieving it! With our sole selling or performance marketing, you barely have to lift a finger.

We handle everything - from helping you plan your project, managing sales processes, creating brochures and site branding, managing offline campaigns, and a lot, lot more. Plus, we get paid only on a success-based model - so the risk is on us. It’s tried, tested and extremely result-oriented.

It’s tried, tested and extremely result-oriented. Eager to know more?

The sales team is the backbone of every real estate company -

and very often, the least equipped to deal with the large number of leads coming in everyday.

Our Marketing, Sales and Advertising Automation Platform Sell.Do

Streamlines your sales process, bringing in visibility, accountability and efficiency within the team. Schedule site visits for your leads, give them directions, drop them a message - all at a click from your phone.

The platform takes care of lead management, lead scoring, lead nurturing and even pre-sales and after-sales processes. What’s more, with a real time dashboard, you have complete oversight on all your leads at any given moment.

Take a look at what Sell.Do can help you achieve with our Ekta World case study, where we handled over
11,000 leads in 10 days and acheived a Cost Per Lead as low as Rs.250.


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