End-to-End Solutions
to Business Challenges
High cost of conversion

The longstanding overdependence on traditional media has led to a high cost per conversion in business. Without the means to reach the exact, qualified audience that will convert into customers, ad spends skyrocket and reach narrows down to an audience that may or may not fit into your target market.

Wastage of ad spends

Without the ability to target exactly the right audience and nurture them into customers, campaigns in traditional media run into higher spends without seeing any of the results. Unqualified leads and the inability to track your prospects more often than not leads to a wastage of ad spends.

Lack of tracking & Real time optimisation

A major drawback of traditional media for business today is the inability to optimise campaigns in order to achieve a lower cost per conversion and wider reach. Campaign optimisation is impossible without the ability to track and analyse key marketing metrics in real time, resulting in higher spends and weaker results.

Gap between marketing
and sales data

Traditional advertising lacks the ability to track marketing metrics, which results in skewed data being passed on to the sales teams. The sales team, in turn, often doesn’t have its processes aligned, which results in leads being dropped along the pipeline.

Supply Gap

The business often sees products that do not match the consumer’s requirements - in terms of lifestyle, aspirations and even budget. The resultant gap in what consumers want and developers have to offer leads to large amount of unsold inventory, higher advertising spends and ultimately, a dropping bottom line.

What should be the price of my product? How do I position the product in the market?

Amura’s unrivaled experience in marketing allows us to strategise your product’s positioning in the market, set the right kind of pricing and launch the product with the right strategy for the market.

  • Launch strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Media planning
Go-to-market strategy for Royal Purandar

Developed by Carcanet Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd., Royal Purandar is a township with N.A. villa Plots located off NH4. The brand partnered with Amura to identify the problems in their current processes and map business decisions, as well as for strategizing growth and presence with digital marketing. Amura handled the product strategy, onsite branding, go-to market strategies and pricing for the firm.


  • Increase in the conversion ratio to 7%
  • Sale of 25-30 units per month on an average
  • Total sale of 200+ units
  • Cost Per Conversion amounted to less than Rs.15,000
  • Increase of over 100% in organic traffic
  • Reduced bounce rate by 50% approx. and increased time on site by 7%
How can I streamline my sales processes?

Amura’s sales & marketing automation platform helps you track leads and manage them effectively, thereby reducing lead conversion time, improving conversions and boosting revenues.

With the platform’s cross-device automation followup and alerts, your sales team will never lose out on a lead in the pipeline.

Our post sales module also offers you end-to-end visibility into the entire sales cycle - right from the start of a lead getting created to the final amount being paid.

  • Sales management
  • Sales automation
  • Post-sales module
Panvelkar Group’s Mega Property Exhibition

The Mega Property Exhibition (MPE) by the Panvelkar Group was an event held to showcase the groups’ extensive inventory under one roof across Ambernath and Badlapur. The event aimed at delivering budget properties straight from the developer to the target audience – properties that consumers can browse through and select at the exhibition.

Sell.Do, Amura’s SaaS-based sales & marketing automation platform, was used to manage and track leads and use the data in nurturing & remarketing strategies, manage inventory as well as help the developer’s sales teams have more accurate lead flow mechanism.


  • Over 200 bookings done across all sources
How can I use marketing to get better leads?

Amura’s ‘marketing engineered’ approach ensures that not only do you reach maximum people but you also get the most qualified leads. Social media marketing, search engine optimisation and content marketing ensure you have better presence and engagement online, while our interactive websites convert your visitors into leads.

Our digital advertising services along with our programmatic buying platform bring you targeted reach and more leads, while our marketing automation platform helps you nurture and close them into customers.

  • Web presence
  • Brand engagement
  • Digital advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Analytics, reporting & optimisation
  • Lead conversion
Dosti Realty’s “Yeh Dosti Hit Hai” campaign

Dosti Realty introduced the “Yeh Dosti Hit Hai Campaign” for the month of August to celebrate the spirit of friendship that is the bottomline of their brand. Through the campaign, they looked forward to increasing their sales and boosting brand awareness. Amura Marketing Technologies took up the responsibility to optimize the campaign in the digital space.


  • Over 90 million impressions. Reaching more than 1 Cr Indians globally.
  • Very high impact digitally
  • Huge engagement and Fan following on Social media Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Media coverage: Print and Online media
  • Enquiries generated: 5334 +
  • Offer coupons downloaded: 1100 +
  • Total Website traffic: 6 Lac+
What kind of product will appeal to buyers in a certain micro-market?

Amura draws on insights from over 6 years of big data analytics & research that help us design a winning product strategy for you. We understand the market across all key Indian cities - right from demographics and audiences, to the configurations and amenities that go into making a successful product.

  • Product strategy
  • Data research
  • Product-market strategy