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Rural India Revenues for Mahadhan increase by 20% by adding digital marketing to the media mix


Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. (DEEPAKFERT) is among India’s leading producers of industrial chemicals and fertilizers. DFPCL’s fertilizers are marketed under the prominent Mahadhan and Bhoodhan brand umbrella.


DFPCL wanted to shift their marketing & sales focus from customer centric to a consumer centric approach. With a strong network of 4,500 dealers and sub-dealers to ensure penetration across 7 states; DFPCL is amongst market leaders in India for specialty fertilizers. The prime focus for them was:

  • Directly reach Farmers & the farming community in 7 states across India
  • Engage & create a top of the mind recall among farmers for Deepak Fertilizers and Mahadhan as a brand.
  • Run a closed loop campaign and track campaign success metrics for continuous improvement.
  • Boost your company's top line.

Our data analytics team analyzed a data-set of over 15,000 registered farmers, Farmers who were already purchasing Mahadhan, to predict their online behavior. Data was also collected from dealers, during with offline events and across the entire supply chain.

  • The data team mined the data to detect patterns to understand the preference of content, the flavor & tonality of content consumed in rural India. Questions like what style of videos appeals to farmers, how much of pure education content is consumed, would memes work in rural India could only be answered post data-analysis of this consumption pattern. We also relied on primary research and Focus Group Discussions for in-depth analysis.

  • The insights provided by the data team formed the basis of our media planning strategy. Also, Facebook Audience Match and Similar Audiences helped us understand the probable reach of Facebook in Rural India - similar our target audience and in locations of our preference.

  • Basis this, we decided to create a 360º omnichannel closed loop digital campaign. The idea was to leverage multiple channels and create at least 4-5 touch points every day with each farmer.
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1. Media Planning
  • Based on the data our Media planning team ensured we covered every possible channel to reach and engage with our consumers.

  • Facebook became the primary media channel to drive engagement. Google & especially Youtube became a significant part our media plan.

  • Along with a strong BTL strategy, channels like WhatsApp, SMS were made part of our campaign media

  • Automated IVR was heavily used to distribute content and sent contextual information to consumers. The timing of automated calls & push messaging was synchronized for optimum results, based on our initial research

  • Every campaign had a call-to-action to close the loop and understand success, so budgets could be optimized towards successful content and channels. This also helped us re-confirm the initial research findings.

  • Tools for consumer and social analytics were implemented to understand consumer behavior better.
2. Content Planning
  • The content team worked on various formats that could create more engagement and get farmers to talk and share our content:

    • Videos celebrating farmer success, successful farming techniques

    • Live weather reports

    • AMAs with Experts from Mahadhan

    • Nostalgic videos

    • Pure educational content for better farming, better use of fertilizers, newer farming techniques

    • Content, Images & Videos from offline events

    • Celebrating Farming & Related days online

  • A direct channel to connect with experts via SMS, Whatsapp & Telephony was opened and well advertised across all channels.
3. Measurement & Offline Attribution
  • We ensured we could measure all the relevant metrics during and post execution of our campaign. It was easy to measure online metrics around Social Engagement, Online Chatter, Direct Responses to our activities; and to ensure we were hitting our goal of at least 4-5 touch points with every farmer.

  • We went a step further ensuring a measurement model for offline sales attribution. Our integration with dealers and the Point of Sale at their end, combined with Facebook & Adwords Offline Conversions, helped us also measure the success of our digital campaigns through actual sales.

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The response that we have experienced in the past two months has been encouraging. It was overwhelming to see the level of response and engagement of our core target group on facebook, we feel that we had somewhere underestimated our expectations. Facebook would now be an integral part of our media plans going forward.

- Pranav Thakkar
  Head Corporate Communications, DFPCL Ltd.
  • Digital combined with other channels can yield excellent results.
  • Content marketing when localized and tailor made to engage the rural audience can drive heavy recall among your Target Audience.
  • Facebook ensures you have a huge reach to the Indian Rural Market.
  • Video content works better in Rural India. Similarly, Video Ads have a much better CTR compared to others in Rural India.
  • Taking learnings from this campaign, DFPCL is taking the content initiative to the next level; creating a Mahadhan App.
  • The Mahadhan app will open a direct channel of engagement with consumers and will help build a relationship once we have acquired them through our digital efforts. You can find the Mahadhan App on the PlayStore here
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